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by Tanvir Kaur on 30 Oct, 2023

Embarking on the journey of career exploration can be overwhelming for students, especially with the myriad of choices and uncertainties that lie ahead. However, what if there was a way to transform this process into an exhilarating competition, turning career exploration into a game of discovery? The Let's Talk Careers competition is back, redefining career exploration as a gamified adventure for students. The national competition is designed to infuse excitement into classrooms, turning career exploration into a fun and engaging experience for students.


Lets Talk Careers Gamified Career Planning


About Let’s Talk Careers 


Let's Talk Careers, hosted by ChatterHigh in collaboration with Let's Talk Science, Skills Canada, and Engineers Canada, is a national competition held biannually. This competition not only offers students and schools a chance to win prizes, but also provides invaluable insights into post-secondary and career opportunities. The competition centers around the 10-question multiple-choice Daily Quizzes, allowing students to earn points for their personal ranking  and contribute to school leaderboards.


The spring of 2023 saw an impressive 617,565 post-secondary and career web pages explored, 451 different career paths and 751 unique programs were discovered, showcasing the competition's impact on broadening students' horizons.

School Winner - Lets Talk Careers



Why Participate in Let’s Talk Careers?


Personalized Exploration

  • Intuitive Format: The Daily Quiz activity is the heart of the competition, offering a personalized approach to career exploration. The Daily Quiz questions ensure students not only discover suitable careers but also find the right institutions, programs, and pathways for them.

  • Broad Exposure: The 10-question Daily Quiz covers a wide range of topics, making career exploration both seamless and interesting.


Motivation and Incentives

  • Gamified Learning: The Daily Quiz's gamified nature keeps students continually motivated. Points earned contribute to both school and student leaderboards, unlocking the chance to win cash prizes from a combined $67,500 prize pot. 


Lets Talk Careers Leaderboard Division


  • Financial Support for Schools: Participation not only benefits students but also schools, as they have the opportunity to earn money through the competition.


Encouraging Inclusivity

  • Partnerships: Let's Talk Careers collaborates with various partners to create opportunities that open doors to a diverse array of possibilities. Through these collaborations, our aim is to assist students in preparing for life after high school, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their future paths.

  • Varied Paths: The competition encourages students of all backgrounds to explore diverse post secondary options and career paths, fostering inclusivity.


Skill Development

  • Soft Skills Enhancement: Beyond career exploration, the competition helps students develop essential soft skills like research skills, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving, preparing them for the challenges of the future job market.

  • Competitive Spirit: Representing their school in the competition instills a sense of pride and responsibility, igniting a positive competitive spirit among students.

Competition Stirs Engagement

  • Peer Discussion: As students delve into the competition with their peers, they discuss their futures, creating a space which fosters questions and conversations about their education plans, in and outside the classroom.

  • Career-Teacher Mentality: Teachers become career mentors as students explore the platform, discuss their futures, and seek guidance on their education plans.

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How to Participate in the Competition


Step 1: Create a ChatterHigh Account 


ChatterHigh create an account-2-1

Sign up with Google or use an email address to create an account. Provide personal details*, including your first name, school information, and language preference. Teachers can create classes to assign relevant content and monitor progress


*ChatterHigh is committed to compliance with all other federal and state/provincial laws and regulations governing student data privacy including the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) and other similar laws. - Read more about our Privacy Policy here.


Step 2: Start Quizzing 


The key to success is to start early. Sign up for free and start quizzing to discover hundreds of careers and opportunities.  Before the first Daily Quiz, students will fill out an initial interest survey, indicating their preferences in programs, areas of study, and careers. After answering 100 questions, students unlock interest reports detailing programs, careers, and universities or colleges aligned with their interests.


Each Daily Quiz question contributes to the Let’s Talk Careers standings, motivating students to hit the leaderboard. Make Let’s Talk Careers a daily activity to maintain momentum and ensure students hit the leaderboard.


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In just two simple steps, you and your students can be part of the Let’s Talk Careers competition, unlocking a world of possibilities and the chance to win big. Make career exploration an engaging and rewarding experience, setting the stage for informed decisions and a brighter future.  


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