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Creating STEM Awareness in the Classroom

08 Mar, 2024 | Tanvir Kaur

As technology advances and AI becomes more prevalent, the demand for innovative solutions is...

Financial Literacy Benefits

12 Feb, 2024 | Mary Gannon

Do you want to give your students the power to succeed in any financial situation? Money makes the...

Exciting Competitions to Boost Classroom Engagement in 2024

19 Jan, 2024 | Tanvir Kaur

Welcome to the new year, filled with fresh opportunities to enhance student engagement and...

Gamified Career Exploration - Let's Talk Careers

30 Oct, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Embarking on the journey of career exploration can be overwhelming for students, especially with...

A Guide for Educators to Inspire the Next Generation: Skilled Trades

13 Oct, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

The world is evolving, and so are career opportunities. With approximately 700,000 skilled trades...

Engage Students with Exciting Competitions: Fall 2023

30 Aug, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Are you ready to embark on a new school year filled with opportunities to engage and inspire your...

Empowering Students: Celebrating the Success of Let's Talk Careers

02 Jun, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Over the past few weeks, students and schools across Canada have embarked on an exhilarating...

Endless Possibilities in Skilled Trades

10 Apr, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Have you ever walked into a building and marvelled at its beautiful interior design, or admired an...

Why Competitions Engage Students

03 Feb, 2023 | Mary Gannon

Educators are always searching for new and engaging ways to teach students. Fun interactive...