FAQ’s- Let’s Talk Careers Competition

by Taylor Irving on 30 Jun, 2021

Everything you need to know about the Let’s Talk Career Competition:

How do I sign up for the Let’s Talk Careers Competition?

Students and teachers will create their free ChatterHigh accounts at chatterhigh.com. They are automatically entered into the competition and will appear on the leaderboard as soon as a participant from their school answers a daily quiz question. 

During the competition dates, all earned points from the school’s participants accumulate together to contribute to the school’s ranking on the leaderboard. In our school competitions, administrators, parents, and friends can also participate to boost the school’s standing on the leaderboard!


What will students learn about in the competition?

The ChatterHigh daily activity takes students to reputable post-secondary, career, labour market, health, and finance webpages. We have representation from all post-secondary institutions in Canada. Your students will gain invaluable knowledge around STEM occupations from Let’s Talk Science’s insightful career profile questions, and dive into provincial trades information provided by Skills Canada.


Is there a cost for my school to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the ChatterHigh activity and the competition. Schools can even earn money that can be used towards important school initiatives.


I missed the first day of the competition. Is it too late to join?

It is not too late to join if you miss the first day or even weeks. You can join the competition at any point. With hard work, we have seen schools come in late and earn a grand prize spot. There’s also a lot of value in the information students are exploring during the competition, so even if you don’t win a grand prize, it is worthwhile to get involved!


What is the student leaderboard?

The student leaderboard shows each student’s ranking during the competition dates. It will show their bursary level position, along with other students’ rankings across the country, based on the number of questions they have answered correctly.


How do students win money for participating?

Students will need to achieve a certain number of correct answers to unlock a bursary reward. 385 correct = $200; 350 correct = $120; 300 correct = $100; 250 correct = $20; 200 correct = $10. Students’ points go towards both the student and school leaderboards.


Does redeeming my points for draws or charity mean the points won’t go towards the leaderboard when competitions are in progress?

Not at all. Choosing to redeem your points during competition time does not affect the competition leaderboard. Points automatically contribute to the leaderboard, so you can use those same points to enter draws or donate, with no penalty. Redeem away!


How do the school and students receive their competition winnings? 

We will send the cheques directly to schools that won cash prizes on the school leaderboard. We encourage the school administration to recognize the participating teachers and classes who were involved. The student bursary cheques will also be sent to the school and addressed to the students who earned them. School administration will distribute the cheques to the students.


What should I do with my school’s competition earnings?

Some great ways we have seen schools use their winnings in the past include: 

-Pizza party for participating classes
-Donated to overseas humanitarian projects
-Bicycle rack for school
-Graduation Party
-Presenters for the career classes
-Technology for the classroom
-Presenters for the career classes
-Water bottle filling station for school
-Graduation Party


What if the competition overlaps with spring break?

ChatterHigh can be done outside of the classroom on mobile devices or computers, so students can still participate even when class isn’t in session. If the competition begins during your school’s spring break, we recommend you get your class started early so they get into the routine. There are bursary prizes to be won by individual students, which can be extra motivation to participate outside of class.


How do I stay informed on the latest competition information?

To stay informed about our upcoming competitions, leaderboard updates, and announcements, follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


Is there something we didn’t cover? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions or comments!


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