How ChatterHigh Offers Personalized Career Exploration

by Julia McDonald on 15 Dec, 2021

When it comes to career exploration, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. If we want students to be engaged in this process, we need to help them discover job opportunities that match their skills and interests. That’s why ChatterHigh offers a personalized exploratory experience that allows students to dig deeper into their areas of interest while also being exposed to a myriad of possibilities. Here’s how it works.

ChatterHigh Personalized Career Exploration for Teens


ChatterHigh Interests Profile



Quiz Questions


At ChatterHigh, our goal is to help students engage in divergent career exploration so they can make informed decisions about their futures. That’s why we’ve created our Daily Quiz, in which students can answer up to 10 questions about career and post-secondary options, as well as health, financial literacy, and labour market resources. While students will receive questions about institutions and organizations from throughout the country, they will also get questions specific to their geographic region. This first layer of personalization helps students to discover and explore options that are close to home. (Click here to learn more about how ChatterHigh helps prepare and motivate students.)

To ensure students don’t miss discovering a field that might excite them, the first 100 questions are devoted to diverse exploration. During this time, students are exposed to all the general areas of study. There are more than 40 of these general areas and each is made up of more specific programs. For example, engineering is a general area of study made up of 39 different kinds of engineering: chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering and many more.

Once a student has answered 100 questions, two questions within each of their subsequent quizzes will be tailored to their interests. These tailored questions allow students to dive a little deeper into areas they have already identified as interesting, while the untailored questions give them more opportunities to explore potential new interests. As a result, the Daily Quiz delivers both divergent exploration and personalization. And it delivers this personalization using students’ responses to the Interest and Awareness Survey.



Interest and Awareness Survey


Each time a student answers a quiz question about a post-secondary program, field of study, or occupation, they will be asked to fill out a quick Interest and Awareness Survey. 

ChatterHigh Career Exploration for Teens

The first two survey questions pertain to the organization or institution, while the last two are about the field of study and occupation. This is the key to giving students personalized quiz questions and building their personalized Interests Profile (see below). A student’s response to the final survey question teaches the platform about their interests. If a student selects “Interesting” or “Very Interesting,” ChatterHigh takes note and tailors future questions based on the student’s interest in that field. Again, this personalization only begins after a student has answered 100 questions. However, from question one, students’ interests are saved on the Interests page of their account.


Interests Profile


The Interests page within a student’s account is a wealth of information. Anything that a student ranks as “Interesting” or “Very Interesting” in the post-question survey is automatically recorded here. That way, students can see all the programs of study, post-secondary institutions, and jobs that caught their attention during their quizzing in one place. It allows them to review and reflect on the opportunities they’ve discovered without worrying if they’ve forgotten any.


Student Career Exploration

As their teacher, you also get a glimpse into their exploration journey. Simply click on “View Class Details” and then select “Student Interests” to see an accumulative summary of all the general areas of study that have caught your students’ attention. You can even filter the summary by gender and by date if you want more specific information. This tool can help you create and deliver lessons that resonate with your students. Notice that your students have expressed interest in construction trades? Why not book a speaker from that field to come to your class? You can also see who has passed the 300-quiz mark by clicking on “Edit Student Roster.” What makes the 300-mark so important? It’s the fantastic reports students unlock once they’ve answered that many questions.



Personal Reports


ChatterHigh has several reports on the Interests page to help students reflect on their exploration, the first of which is the Initial Survey that they can complete before they begin to quiz. Once they’ve started quizzing, they will unlock reports that summarize their exploration and interests after having answered 100, 200, and 300 questions. However, at the 300-question mark, things get a bit more exciting. Once a student has answered 300 questions, they can access the Post-Secondary Match Report and the new, customizable Top 5 Interest Report, which allows them to compare their top five colleges and universities, programs of study, and jobs and careers. (Click here to learn how to use the Top 5 Interest Report with your students.) 


The Interests page also includes links to regional and national labour market websites, where students can learn more about the occupations that interest them. With ChatterHigh, the tools they need are at their fingertips, and exciting career discoveries are just a click away. 

Want to learn more about how ChatterHigh can prepare your students to make informed post-secondary decisions? Click here to book a demo or create your free account today.

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