6 Reasons Why Students and Teachers Value the ChatterHigh Daily Quiz

by Janice Hewitt on 05 Feb, 2021

We’re not usually ones for tooting our own horn, so we’ll let a collection of our student and educator advocates do that for us!


#1 The Learning Experience


“The great thing is that they’re learning. They’re learning about options that they have. For a lot of our students that come from overseas, they don’t know how the Canadian University or College system works… so this provides an opportunity for them to see how university operates in Canada, and where the different programs are located.”

Jason Biech, Principal, Grace Christian High School

“It gives them a daily opportunity to be exposed to different schools and different programs.”

Neil Thompson, Teacher, Grace Christian High School

“The knowledge that you can gain by participating is definitely worth the while for students to learn about what awaits them after high school.”

Patrick, Student


#2 Discovery of New Interests


“I learned about what my interests were because each of the tests had different universities that had different curriculum and options.” 

Angela, Student

“Chatterhigh was really useful. I could learn about majors in science and technology, and jobs they could lead to. As well, my classmates and I could see different jobs based on our own interests and get detailed information about which majors could lead to these career paths.

Kevin, Student


#3 Great Resources


“Skills Canada and Let’s Talk Science had great websites, great resources to show ‘Here are some other options.’”

Mark Thiessen, CLE 10 Teacher, W.J. Mouat

“What is important is that we’re helping our students along the way making informed career decisions and opening their eyes to the possibilities of not only post-secondary studies but the options that are available to them in the future and I think that’s the most important part of this tool.” 

Dave de Wit, Principal, W.J. Mouat


#4 It’s FUN!

“Having the students perform at this level tells us that they like it, they enjoy it, if not they’ll vote with their feet. So, it’s obvious to me that it’s students first and they’re the ones that are expressing interest and the performance is because they’re taking ownership in their own learning.”

Michael Pearson, District Principal, Career Programs


#5 Philanthropy and Prizes

philanthropy and prizes

“I really like the competition and prize part of it. It really did drive me to do it. I liked that we had a chance to donate points and give back to the community.”

Kiran D, Student

(Watch Kiran’s interview here)


#6 Source of Pride and Motivation from Competition

“The competition aspect motivated me to use the quiz more as I am a very competitive individual. I set an alarm and would wake up every day before school to ensure the quiz was completed and checked the scoreboard several times throughout the day.”

Keely-Shay, Student

“It gives me school pride because out of all the schools in Canada, I know that my school is the most informed school.”

Jashanpreet, Student

“It’s a really big thing if you’re known to have won something out of all Canadian schools.”

Kiran D, Student


Learn more about the upcoming Let’s Talk Careers competition here!

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