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Empowering Students: Celebrating the Success of Let's Talk Careers

02 Jun, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Over the past few weeks, students and schools across Canada have embarked on an exhilarating...

2021 Trendsetter in EdTech

08 Apr, 2021 | Janice Hewitt

ChatterHigh is delighted to be recognized as a 2021 Trendsetter by EdTech Digest for our new...

Remarkable Stories: A Selfless Act that Changed a Family’s Life

03 Mar, 2021 | Taylor Irving

Every so often, we come across a truly remarkable story from students, teachers or schools who are...

6 Reasons Why Students and Teachers Value the ChatterHigh Daily Quiz

05 Feb, 2021 | Janice Hewitt

We’re not usually ones for tooting our own horn, so we’ll let a collection of our student and...

Why Students, Teachers and Partners Participate in the Let’s Talk Careers Competition

10 Nov, 2020 | Janice Hewitt

You know that feeling when you find out that someone has been talking about you behind your back?...