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How to Make Summer Learning Programs Fun and Engaging

02 Mar, 2022 | Julia McDonald

Summer is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to start considering how to engage...

How to Accelerate Learning and Mitigate Learning Loss with an Engaging Online Summer School Model

12 May, 2021 | Janice Hewitt

Accelerate learning and bridge the digital divide by offering fully remote, self-directed,...

6 Ways To Engage Students With Remote Learning

22 Apr, 2021 | Lee Taal

“Engagement has been our number-one priority, and engaging students in a distance learning...

6 Reasons Why Students and Teachers Value the ChatterHigh Daily Quiz

05 Feb, 2021 | Janice Hewitt

We’re not usually ones for tooting our own horn, so we’ll let a collection of our student and...

How Increasing Graduation Rates and Reducing Achievement Gaps Help Canada

16 Nov, 2017 | Lee Taal

Canada has a problem: we need more workers. Consider the following challenges: