How ChatterHigh is Helpful in the Classroom

by Mary Gannon on 30 Jun, 2023

As students and educators alike say goodbye to school for the summer, one can’t help but think of all the knowledge and skills students gained throughout the school year. More importantly, how these skills and knowledge will benefit students now and in the future. ChatterHigh connects students' career goals and ambitions with their current skills and studies, matching their relevant interests to career opportunities. Even more, students discover a wide range of jobs and topics they have never even considered. Introducing ChatterHigh into the classroom invites students to actively engage in their future and doubly gives them a fun and informative resource to explore their vocational identities beyond the classroom.

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Bridges Careers to Postsecondary Programs


Bridges Careers to Postsecondary Programs


There are a wide array of educational institutions and programs across Canada. Universities, colleges, and vocational schools each have their own unique programs, campus, student life, and much more. Though students may already know which career path is for them, ChatterHigh still helps to solidify where and how students can obtain that knowledge. 


Furthermore, students are unlikely to know the many specialties and specializations offered within many fields. For example, a student may want to be a writer. They might think writing is exclusive to novels or savvy social media, but there is so much more to offer! They could study literature, journalism, creative arts, communication, and much more. By bringing ChatterHigh into the classroom, you allow students to discover the many pathways to achieving their desired career path.


Connects Current Subjects with Career Goals


Early exploration helps shape students future

Students are constantly learning new subjects and skills that will help them in their future, but students may not realize how these competencies will serve them. While educators thrive in delivering curriculum content, there still remains a gap in how this knowledge will benefit students. Connecting potential jobs and careers with current studies allows students to see their work in application and the prospects that can develop with hard work. 



This further encourages participation, engagement and motivation from students as they have tangible ways to achieve their goals and can see a clear path to the future they want. Moreover, as students understand how the subjects and skills they are learning apply to their future career, they will be more likely to work towards that future and achieve higher success in school.


Early Exploration Helps Shape their Future 


ChatterHigh Student Interest Report

The average canadian will change career paths two to three times in their lifetime, which stands to reason that students may also change their minds about which career path they want to pursue. However, students must first know a career and educational path exists in order to take interest. ChatterHigh dives into career exploration by exposing students to a plethora of resources while doubly giving them the information they need to prepare for their future. Students are guided through a research-proven seek-and-find method that solidifies their research skills and grows their understanding and awareness searching for answers.


Students exploring job possibilities as early as middle school still have the opportunity to select their path in high school, including which electives they will take and how they want their high school experience to prepare them for postsecondary education. 


Discover the Unknown 


ChatterHigh helps students to discover the unknown

With vast changes across the canadian workforce affecting multiple industries, there are new and coveted jobs that didn’t even exist ten years ago, such as an SEO specialist or a driverless car engineer. As new careers and programs become available, educators don’t have time to remain current on emerging trends and new opportunities, however, the newest careers, educational paths and postsecondary opportunities in all discplines are available through ChatterHigh. 


Using ChatterHigh in the classroom not only enables students to diversify their opportunities, but it also teaches them how to explore resources and search for accurate content. ChatterHigh is also a beneficial resource for teachers and educators as it self-asseses all students work. Results from Daily Quiz questions and modules are calculated in real time, so teachers can use this resource to monitor student success, assign class work, or create class competitions with other teachers and schools!


ChatterHigh offers interest reports for every student so that both teachers and students can learn about their class' areas of interest and facilitate meaningful conversation about future pathways. What’s more, the pandemic and evolving work environments continue to affect careers and industries, so continual exploration on ChatterHigh can help teachers and students stay up-to-date on all the opportunities available to them. 


Diversify the Learning Experience 


Diversify Learning

There are many ways students learn, and therefore, many different approaches to career exploration. By using a digital resource with the research-proven seek-and-find method, students can explore careers while learning how to properly research careers and postsecondary institutions. In addition, with each career they explore, students are directed to 

relevant and reliable sources in a gamified format, so they are prepared and motivated to explore career paths outside the classroom. Every time a student answers a question, they earn points for researching and guessing the correct answer. These points help gamify exploration and motivate students as the points can then be used to donate to charity or to enter draw prizes! 


ChatterHigh gives students a level of autonomy in their future, as they can use the skills learned through ChatterHigh to dive deeper into the career or post-secondary program of their choice while they also benefit from the unique and varied content ChatterHigh offers. In a digital age, teaching students how to find and navigate reliable resources is essential to their success.




Empowering students with confidence in their abilities and hope for their future sets them on a path to success. Introducing ChatterHigh and career exploration into the classroom expands students knowledge and possibilities of their careers while building their vocational identities. Building this educational and career foundation in the classroom fosters hope and encourages students to keep exploring career opportunities and work towards an achievable future.


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