How Career Exploration Secures Paths for the Future

by Mary Gannon on 14 Jul, 2023

Students learn a multitude of subjects every day that each contribute to their knowledge and skills. While school curriculum dives into each individual subject, there remains a gap between what students are learning and how it applies to their everyday life and future career. ChatterHigh bridges this gap, providing career exploration and institutional insights to students across Canada. ChatterHigh can be used by teachers and students alike to discover the many career possibilities available as well as the steps and paths towards achieving those careers.


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Increases Interests and Vocational Awareness 


There are new careers emerging every year and with this change, the Canadian workforce is slowly evolving from industry to industry. Students may not be aware of all the career choices available to them, what’s more, they may not know that they already have alignment with the skills and interests for careers they have never even heard of. 


Each student has unique interests and ambitions that fuel their career exploration, which is why ChatterHigh’s personalized and interactive learning approach is perfect for every student. ChatterHigh uses detailed reporting to collect the interests of each student regarding the majors and programs, colleges and universities, and the jobs and careers they find interesting. ChatterHigh then provides students with interest reports so they can view their academic and extracurricular interests and how they intersect with the careers, colleges and universities they want to explore. Providing students with a clear and actionable path fosters hope for their future and encourages students to work towards their dream job.


Broaden Career Possibilities 


ChatterHigh Roadmap To SuccessStudents across Canada are constantly exposed to different subjects and new ways of thinking. Therefore, students are well-equipped to jump into various professions. As students learn how and why the subjects they learn play a role in everyday life, they can also explore the many careers involved in those roles. Students understanding their career development allows them to prepare themselves for the future, where students know what classes they need to take and what grades they must achieve in order to be accepted into certain programs.

ChatterHigh can be used as a roadmap, where students can build upon their knowledge and skills to see how their current experiences can serve them well in the workforce. Moreover, students may likely discover that they have no idea what they want to do as they are exposed to hundreds of different career pathways. Early career exploration shows students what they may be missing out on, which means they still have time to diversify their interests, from STEM to languages to business and more. As students discover different careers, universities, and associations across Canada, their career roadmap will help them understand their converging interests as well as show students the requirements to keep the door open to any career.



Discipline and Development 


If students have a goal to work towards, then their ambitions and efforts can be concentrated towards fulfilling those goals. There are many different experiential and educational requirements that students must meet for various academic programs, which is why exposure to these programs and knowledge of requirements is essential to student success.


Students can use the knowledge gained through ChatterHigh to pursue skills and extracurriculars that support their educational paths. To a student, this could encourage and facilitate conversation with their guidance counsellors or parents at home. It can even help with informing students on which institutions offer athletics or clubs of their interest. Moreover, their career roadmap and academic discipline will go hand-in-hand as students often rely upon motivation and future goals to succeed in their future. 


Explore Experiences


ChatterHigh not only gives students career opportunity awareness, it also shows them how those careers may look and feel in practice. Industry leaders and professionals share their stories and testimonials through the Daily Quiz which exposes students to the careers that are possible with hard work and dedication. What’s more, ChatterHigh connects to the career curriculum, so students can doubly discover how their current studies align with their career goals. If you want to discover the benefits of ChatterHigh and how it connects to the school curriculum, explore our complete guide to career exploration.


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The skills and knowledge students learn through school need not only apply to academics. Experiences from extracurriculars play a crucial role in developing soft skills and can also contribute to finding and building one’s career path. In fact, there are many essential skills required to enter the Canadian workforce. While knowledge and awareness of careers exposes students to the Canadian workforce, students may not know how they fit into their desired career. Using ChatterHigh’s gamified format to explore career opportunities and pathways allows students to build their soft skills and skills for success while they still have time to explore various educational experiences.




Whether or not students know what career path they wish to pursue, ChatterHigh can help get them there. ChatterHigh consolidates academic, industry, and institutional information to provide students with comprehensive and tangible career pathways. Exploring careers diversifies students' understanding of the Canadian workforce as it dives into the educational and experiential requirements across all industries, preparing students to succeed in any career.


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