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Creating STEM Awareness in the Classroom

08 Mar, 2024 | Tanvir Kaur

As technology advances and AI becomes more prevalent, the demand for innovative solutions is...

Connect Careers and Curriculum to ChatterHigh

04 Jan, 2024 | Mary Gannon

Exploring future careers and pathways is an exciting step in each student’s life, and ChatterHigh...

The Role of Career Exploration in Student Development

23 Nov, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

As students stand at the crossroads of their academic journey, the multitude of career options can...

Gamified Career Exploration - Let's Talk Careers

30 Oct, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Embarking on the journey of career exploration can be overwhelming for students, especially with...

A Guide for Educators to Inspire the Next Generation: Skilled Trades

13 Oct, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

The world is evolving, and so are career opportunities. With approximately 700,000 skilled trades...

ChatterHigh: A Valuable Resource for Students Beyond High School Graduation

11 Aug, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Remember the exhilaration of graduation day? The tossing of caps, the celebration of hard-earned...

How Career Exploration Secures Paths for the Future

14 Jul, 2023 | Mary Gannon

Students learn a multitude of subjects every day that each contribute to their knowledge and...

How ChatterHigh is Helpful in the Classroom

30 Jun, 2023 | Mary Gannon

As students and educators alike say goodbye to school for the summer, one can’t help but think of...

Endless Possibilities in Skilled Trades

10 Apr, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Have you ever walked into a building and marvelled at its beautiful interior design, or admired an...