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Canadian Career Development Foundation Impact Study of ChatterHigh

24 Jul, 2018 | Catherine

The New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) has...

Announcing 3rd Annual Canada’s Most Informed Student Competition

06 Apr, 2018 | Catherine

We are excited to announce Canada’s Most Informed Student Competition is almost here. From April...

Mindshare Learning Report 2017 Top 10 Newsmakers of the Year in EdTech

21 Dec, 2017 | Catherine


Secondary School Ranks First in National Competition

14 Dec, 2017 | Catherine

VERNON MORNING STAR A local high school’s work in post-secondary preparedness has garnered...

How Increasing Graduation Rates and Reducing Achievement Gaps Help Canada

16 Nov, 2017 | Lee Taal

Canada has a problem: we need more workers. Consider the following challenges:

Arlington ISD and Dallas ISD - Most Informed School Districts

09 Nov, 2017 | Carl Repp

College dropout and persistence is a huge issue for our K-12 schools, for colleges, and for the...

Why Giving Students ‘Hope’ May Help Solve Canada’s Skills Shortage

24 Oct, 2017 | Catherine

There is a labour shortage right now across Canada. Why are so many graduates having a hard time...

Coaching Your Teen Through Career Exploration

14 Feb, 2016 | Catherine

VICTORIA, BC–(CTV Vancouver Island – Feb 12, 2016) – It is fun to see yourself in the news.  CTV...

Nation Post-Secondary and Career Exploration Competition Launch

08 Jan, 2016 | Carl Repp