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by Mary Gannon on 04 Jan, 2024

Exploring future careers and pathways is an exciting step in each student’s life, and ChatterHigh is here to help! ChatterHigh’s gamified Daily Quiz helps students build vocational identity as students are exposed to postsecondary and industry-related resources. ChatterHigh randomizes career content from a variety of fields so students are exposed to all families of majors and nearly every postsecondary institution in the country! Students and teachers alike can use ChatterHigh to discover interests, boost awareness, and record all of their findings! Choosing a career can be a daunting step, but with the right tools and resources, students will thrive in exploring and determining their career paths.


Free Guide to Career Planning



  • Career Exploration exposes students to thousands of careers and hundreds of programs across the country
  • Student Interest Reports give both students and teachers a detailed snapshot of students’ interests and awareness throughout their career exploration on ChatterHigh
  • Discover the Benefits for Teachers and how ChatterHigh is built to guide and support your career curriculum
  • Explore ChatterHigh to discover the myriad of courses available on topics including mental health, careers, and financial literacy.

Career Exploration


Career exploration is vital to each and every student as it provides them with opportunities and pathways for their future. Career exploration is the reflection and culmination of each student’s skills, experiences, and achievements throughout their academic careers. ChatterHigh’s gamified Daily Quiz format gives students a chance to examine their areas of interest while they satisfy their requirements for career education and career development curricula.


Moreover, ChatterHigh guides students to relevant university, college, career, and workforce resources that help them develop lifelong learning that is essential for making career-life decisions. The research-proven ‘seek-and-find’ format teaches students how to navigate and recognize important resources, so they can continue their career exploration beyond the classroom. The variety of content and career awareness students gain helps them determine the skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for each path into the workforce.


Student Interest ReportsStudent Success RoadMap


ChatterHigh recognizes that each student has unique interests and passions, which is why the platform provides students with interest reports. ChatterHigh consolidates and classifies each student’s findings, so you don’t have to! Students start unlocking their reports after answering 100 Daily Quiz questions or completing 10 Daily Quizzes. Once students have completed 300 questions, they have access to a downloadable PDF that reflects their gained awareness, compares their choices, and matches their choice of institution with their choice of programs, sports, or clubs. The knowledge students gain can then act as a career roadmap, where students gain actionable steps toward their futures.



Benefits for Teachers 


ChatterHigh acts as a hub for career information while exposing students to resources in a gamified format. This helps motivate students to imagine and plan their future as they discover potential pathways and careers they never knew existed. 


>> Teachers can discover how ChatterHigh fits into their curriculum and how to use the Daily Quiz using our Daily Quiz lesson plan


The Daily Quiz can be used to support career and life planning, guidance programs, cooperative education, and more. The quiz is interactive and informative, where students discover career pathways and career placements while supporting their personal, academic, and career development. Students also explore their interests, strengths, and values as they discover potential careers. Teachers can explore everything on ChatterHigh, from creating an account to setting up a class through our step-by-step video guides


As each student discovers their unique interests while exploring careers, it may have been difficult to monitor each student's progress. As a teacher on ChatterHigh, you can easily track student progress through the Daily Quiz. You can also assess how they are progressing because the Daily Quiz grades itself! What’s more, you can assign the Daily Quiz activity and set due dates, so students can identify a timeline for their career exploration and teachers can mold ChatterHigh to fit their curriculum. 


Video Resources for Educators


Explore ChatterHighHow ChatterHigh Empower Students


ChatterHigh is a unique platform for students to discover careers and pathways to the workforce, but it is much more than that. ChatterHigh features in-depth courses and modules on topics ranging from mental health to career paths to financial literacy. These courses cover essential subjects, such as the basics of budgeting, while directing students to relevant and recent resources so they can further explore beyond the course itself! 


If you’re interested in incorporating gamified content into your classroom, you might explore class challenges with the Daily Quiz. ChatterHigh helps facilitate challenges, where classes or schools can compete against one another to win prizes as they learn curriculum content! If you want to go one step further, you might utilize students’ interest profiles and previous learning content to assign follow-up activities so students can further develop and discover their interests!




Discovering a clear and actionable path towards a future gives students hope and helps them achieve their goals. ChatterHigh’s Daily Quiz and Mindful Modules explore various career topics while introducing students to the skills, requirements, and education needed for different industries in the workforce. ChatterHigh integrates technology into the curriculum through its gamified format, which helps engage students in the activity and motivates them toward their career goals. If you want a fun and interactive way to explore careers and professional pathways with your classes, ChatterHigh is the place for you!


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