ChatterHigh: A Valuable Resource for Students Beyond High School Graduation

by Tanvir Kaur on 11 Aug, 2023

Remember the exhilaration of graduation day? The tossing of caps, the celebration of hard-earned success, and the anticipation of what comes next. But, once the excitement wears off, many graduates are left wondering, "What now?" It's essential to provide your students with resources that will continue to support them even after they leave the halls of high school. One such invaluable resource is ChatterHigh! 


ChatterHigh is not just a tool for high school students; it's a lifelong companion that continues to benefit students even after they've donned their cap and gown. It assists in continued career exploration, promotes lifelong learning, and imparts essential life skills. Here's why educators should encourage students to keep using ChatterHigh post-graduation.


Continued Career Exploration


Continued Career Exploration for youth


Graduation doesn't always mean having all the answers, especially when it comes to one's career path. Many graduates change their minds several times before finding their true calling.


ChatterHigh offers a dynamic gamified platform that continues to support graduates in their post-high school journey. Through its engaging Daily Quizzes and free online Courses, ChatterHigh provides an avenue for students to explore an array of career paths and gain industry-specific knowledge.


The Daily Quiz covers an extensive range of career and industry topics, each meticulously coded using national classifications for occupations and post-secondary programs. By utilizing these classifications, ChatterHigh empowers students to delve into their passions and interests, unlocking a treasure trove of program and career options that they might not have discovered otherwise. Furthermore, ChatterHigh Courses facilitate a deeper dive into different industries or post-secondary institutions of interest. For students navigating their next steps, the ChatterHigh Post-secondary Match and Top 5 Interest Report can help make sense of their interests and fuel the conversation on potential post-secondary matches. This continuous exploration serves as a guiding compass for graduates as they embark on shaping their futures, helping them make informed decisions that align with their interests.



Lifelong Learning


Do you believe in fostering a culture of lifelong learning? So does ChatterHigh! The platform provides access to courses on various topics and reputable resources, allowing graduates to continue their learning journey long after high school.


ChatterHigh’s team ensures that the content remains up-to-date with the latest trends in the job market, education institutes, and career opportunities. Its gamified Daily Quiz questions test students’ knowledge, sparking curiosity and a desire to learn more. And the best part? ChatterHigh offers a personalized experience tailored to individual interests, enhancing motivation and engagement in lifelong learning.


Personalized Experience for Students with ChatterHigh



Life Skills


Imagine graduating with excellent grades but struggling to cope with real-world issues. Sounds alarming, right? This is where ChatterHigh steps in, offering free courses that impart essential life skills. 


Mental Well-being


Transitioning from high school can be stressful, making mental health awareness crucial. ChatterHigh offers a range of courses focused on mental health and well-being, connecting students to reputable resources and support available in Canada through a gamified experience. These courses foster self-awareness, empathy, and equip students with coping mechanisms for challenging times.


  • Digital Mental Health Course for Students: This course raises awareness about mental health, well-being, and the resources available across Canada. Students can learn to recognize the importance of mental health and how to access appropriate support when needed.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Course: An accessible and engaging way to help students recognize discrimination and know where to turn for support. This course promotes empathy and understanding, creating a more inclusive and supportive community.

  • Mental Health Leadership - by This course empowers students to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other. By gaining knowledge about various mental health topics, students can develop empathy and sympathy skills, fostering a compassionate and supportive society.


Additionally, encourage students to explore a helpful guide “Planning for Your Transition from High School to Adult Life”,  that assists them in planning their transition after high school. This guide will provide them with valuable insights and strategies to feel more at ease and prepared for the next phase of their lives.


Financial Literacy


Financial literacy is a crucial skill that empowers students to envision and tangibly plan their financial future, making their goals more attainable. The advent of managing money or a bank account can be daunting for many students. This is where financial literacy steps in, imparting the necessary knowledge and fostering a sense of independence. The responsibility of managing a bank account can instill a sense of control and confidence that students can carry forward into their financial futures.


A comprehensive understanding of the economy, taxes, insurance, budgeting, and more, aids in molding financially self-sufficient individuals. As our world and economies continue to evolve, equipping youth with financial literacy skills is paramount for their future financial security and success.


Financial Literacy Fest Fall 2023 Competitions


To enhance their financial literacy skills, students can leverage the following ChatterHigh courses:


In conclusion, ChatterHigh isn't just a high school companion; it's a lifelong guide. It's a bridge connecting high school to the real world, a tool for career exploration, a promoter of lifelong learning, and a teacher of essential life skills. So, dear educators, let's encourage our students to keep ChatterHigh on their journey even after graduation. 


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