A Guide for Educators to Inspire the Next Generation: Skilled Trades

by Tanvir Kaur on 13 Oct, 2023

The world is evolving, and so are career opportunities. With approximately 700,000 skilled trades workers expected to retire between 2019 and 2028, the demand for new skilled workers is reaching unprecedented levels. This creates a unique window of opportunity for educators to guide and inspire students toward a fulfilling and in-demand career path in skilled trades.


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High Demand for Skilled Workers


The urgency is real - the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum projects a need for around 75,000 new apprentices annually for the next five years to meet the demand for skilled journeypersons in Red Seal trades. Key trades such as welders, industrial mechanics, bricklayers, boilermakers, cooks, and hairstylists are identified as facing potential shortages. Buildforce Canada highlights the imperative to bring in 309,000 new construction workers by 2030, primarily in response to the anticipated retirement of 259,100 workers, making the skilled trades sector more enticing for prospective workers.


Endless Possibilities in Skilled Trades


Skilled trades offer a diverse range of career options, spanning construction, transportation, manufacturing, industrial, services, and information & digital technology. With approximately 300 designated skilled trades in Canada, students are exposed to a wealth of opportunities, some of which might surprise them. From traditional roles to creative fields like baking and hairstyling, skilled trades are evolving with the times.

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Benefits of Career Exploration in Skilled Trades


High Job Satisfaction 

Skilled trades careers provide, not just employment, but job satisfaction. Students gain paid hands-on experience, fostering innovation and creativity. The demand for skilled professionals translates into excellent job prospects and potential for career growth.


Reasonable Cost-Benefit

Unlike traditional academic programs, skilled trades programs are cost-effective. Apprenticeships allow students to earn while they learn, reducing the financial burden of education. In Canada, individuals in skilled trade careers can expect an average annual salary of $70,200. With a demand for these essential skills for maintaining the function of our daily lives, a skilled trade career provides substantial job security.


Promotes Creativity

Technological advancements have transformed skilled trades, demanding digital literacy. The evolving nature of these jobs opens up opportunities in creative fields. The majority of skilled trade careers require critical thinking and creativity, making them ideal for those who enjoy thinking outside the box.


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How to Get Started in Skilled Trades


Step 1: Find Your Passion

Help your students identify an area of interest within the broad spectrum of skilled trades, be it construction, technology, or services.


Step 2: Research and Plan

Motivate them to explore colleges and universities offering programs aligned with their chosen trade. Look into available scholarships, bursaries, and extracurricular activities.


Step 3: Start Early

Students should prepare for their career in skilled trades while in high school. Connect your students with relevant courses and that can help gear their education towards securing an apprenticeship or college/university admission.


Step 4: Education Completion

Students should complete the chosen education program, ensuring they've acquired the necessary skills and knowledge for their trade.


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The skilled trades industry is not just a career path; it's a gateway to a fulfilling, dynamic future. Educators, let's guide our students toward a world of endless possibilities in skilled trades, where their passion meets the demands of a rapidly evolving job market. By fostering awareness, we can empower the next generation to build, create, and innovate in ways they may have never imagined. The future of skilled trades is bright, and it starts with the awareness we create today.


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