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Endless Possibilities in Skilled Trades

10 Apr, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Have you ever walked into a building and marvelled at its beautiful interior design, or admired an...

Why Let’s Talk Careers is so Important

31 Mar, 2023 | Mary Gannon

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8 Tips and Tricks for Excelling in Let's Talk Careers

17 Mar, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Do you remember the excitement and curiosity that your students feel when exploring different...

Gender Equality in Canada: Why Women’s History Does Not Live in the Past

07 Mar, 2023 | Mary Gannon

The article focuses on why learning about women in history is important, using detailed examples...

7 Ways Financial Literacy Helps Students Succeed

24 Feb, 2023 | Mary Gannon

Money makes the world go round. Every person deals with money, whether it is buying a house, a car,...

Why Competitions Engage Students

03 Feb, 2023 | Mary Gannon

Educators are always searching for new and engaging ways to teach students. Fun interactive...

Spring 2023 Competition Updates

30 Jan, 2023 | Tanvir Kaur

Are you looking for ways to boost classroom engagement and excitement?

Why Awareness is Important for Career Planning

13 Dec, 2022 | Tanvir Kaur

Career exploration is important for students to plan for their future and feel secure. But, how do...

Everything you need to know about ChatterHigh Competitions

19 Aug, 2022 | Tanvir Kaur

The new school year is just around the corner, and you must be searching for creative ways to...