Fun and Engaging Summer Activities to Tackle the “Summer Slide”

by Tanvir Kaur on 19 Jun, 2024

As summer approaches, parents and educators often worry about the "summer slide"—a phenomenon where students lose some of the academic gains they made during the school year. In fact, children can lose about 20% of their school-year reading ability over the summer. But don’t worry! There are plenty of fun and engaging summer activities to keep kids' minds active and ready for the next school year. With ChatterHigh's gamified content and research-proven "seek-and-find" method, students can enjoy learning digital literacy skills by exploring reputable resources and answering questions, making education both fun and engaging. Here are some creative ways to combat the summer slide and promote lifelong learning.


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Fun Activities to Prevent Summer Slide


  1. Journal Your Summer Vacation

    Encourage your kids to maintain a journal of their summer activities. This practice not only improves writing skills but also supports mental health by allowing them to reflect on their experiences.

  2. Brainstorm Business Ideas

    Students can explore different business concepts that interest them and write them down. This can foster creativity and entrepreneurial thinking.

  3. Enhance Life Skills

    Focus on developing essential life skills such as financial literacy, time management, and problem-solving. These skills are crucial for life after high school and can be learned through various online courses and daily activities.

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  4. Take Online Courses

    Enroll your kids in online courses to learn new skills like coding, designing, or even photography. Platforms like Coursera, Khan Academy, and Udemy offer a wide range of courses that are both educational and engaging.

  5. Pursue Your Hobbies

    Dedicate time to hobbies like painting, playing an instrument, reading, or any other activity that brings joy. This keeps the mind active and engaged.

  6. Build Travel Plans

    Develop detailed travel plans and learn about different destinations. Complete the "Work and Travel Abroad with International Experience Canada" course to gather all necessary information. 

  7. Learn a New Language

    Use apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone to start learning a new language. This can be a fun and valuable skill for future opportunities.

  8. Family Activities

    Plan and engage in activities with your family throughout the summer. This can include hiking, cooking, or exploring new places together. Documenting these experiences can create lasting memories and foster stronger family bonds.

  9. Physical Fitness Challenge

    Set a fitness goal for the summer, such as running a certain distance, practicing yoga, or joining a sports team. Staying active is essential for overall well-being. 

  10. Environmental Projects

    Get involved in environmental projects like planting trees, starting a garden, or participating in local clean-up events.

  11. Read Books and Write Reviews

    Create a summer reading list and write reviews for each book finished. This improves reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

  12. Develop a Personal Project

    Identify a project that interests you, such as building a model, creating a video series, or starting to write stories. Document progress and share achievements.

  13. Create a Career Plan

    ChatterHigh’s Daily Quiz and modules are excellent tools for students to explore diverse career options. By unlocking interest reports, students can shape their future career plans in a fun and interactive way.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the exciting content available on ChatterHigh this summer:


Content available on ChatterHigh this summer


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Students will delve into nature-based climate solutions, covering themes of climate change, conservation, and climate action.


This course introduces students to cyber security concepts and career pathways, connecting them with the mission to safeguard Canadians from cyber threats.


Keep Learning Fun with ChatterHigh


ChatterHigh offers an array of resources that make learning fun and engaging through gamified content. From career planning and life skills development to online courses and personal projects, there are plenty of ways to keep students engaged over the summer.


Share this article with fellow educators and parents! Explore the amazing courses available on the ChatterHigh platform to ensure your children are ready to tackle the next school year with enthusiasm and confidence!

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