Samantha Dean

Upcoming Career Exploration Competitions 2021/22 School Year

26 Aug, 2021 | Samantha Dean

A new school year brings new and exciting competitions to the ChatterHigh platform this year! We...

5 Benefits of Early Career Exploration for Grades 6-9

10 Aug, 2021 | Samantha Dean

Early career exploration is important for young students to plan for the future, but also to...

FAQ’s- Let’s Talk Careers Competition

30 Jun, 2021 | Samantha Dean

Everything you need to know about the Let’s Talk Career Competition:

Mental Health Resources for Educators

11 May, 2021 | Samantha Dean

Since the start of the pandemic, mental health and wellness have been brought to the fore in the...

6 Ways To Engage Students With Remote Learning

22 Apr, 2021 | Samantha Dean

“Engagement has been our number-one priority, and engaging students in a distance learning...

Remarkable Stories: A Selfless Act that Changed a Family’s Life

03 Mar, 2021 | Samantha Dean

Every so often, we come across a truly remarkable story from students, teachers or schools who...