Lee Taal

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

16 Sep, 2021 | Lee Taal

ChatterHigh will be observing this new and important statutory holiday introduced by the federal...

5 Benefits of Early Career Exploration for Grades 6-9

10 Aug, 2021 | Lee Taal

Early career exploration is important for young students to plan for the future, and to feel more...

6 Ways To Engage Students With Remote Learning

22 Apr, 2021 | Lee Taal

“Engagement has been our number-one priority, and engaging students in a distance learning...

How ChatterHigh Complements Existing Career Education Tools

10 Mar, 2021 | Lee Taal

When it comes to preparing students for life after high school, there are plenty of great tools out...

How Increasing Graduation Rates and Reducing Achievement Gaps Help Canada

16 Nov, 2017 | Lee Taal

Canada has a problem: we need more workers. Consider the following challenges: