A Quick Guide to Your ChatterHigh Journey

by Mary Gannon on 11 Oct, 2023

Students and teachers across North America use ChatterHigh to help develop vocational identity, build awareness around careers, and develop knowledge and understanding around essential topics. Through our gamified learning platform, Mindful Modules guide students through subjects such as Financial Literacy and Health, Wellness & Safety, whereas the Daily Quiz dives into careers and professional pathways in every sector imaginable, so students can begin envisioning their future and learning the steps towards achieving their career goals. 

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Step 1: Log in or create an account 

Step 2: Explore your interests 

Step 3: Discover Chatterhigh features: Daily Quiz and Mindful Modules

Step 4: Competitions


Create your ChatterHigh Account


In order to use ChatterHigh and access the many educational and career resources available, you will need to create an account. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you can sign up with Google or use an email address and create a password. 


Once you have completed this first step, you will be prompted to provide some personal details. These details include your first name, information about your school, language preference and more! This information is used to ensure both teachers and students are exposed to relevant questions and resources as they explore the platform. As a teacher, you can also create a class to assign content to your students and monitor their progress on ChatterHigh.


Create an Account


Explore Your Interests


Once you have created an account, you can begin exploring the ChatterHigh platform! There are two activities to explore, the Daily Quiz and Mindful Modules. Both activities use a research-proven ”seek-and-find” method, where students are asked questions and directed to research links from various reputable organizations and universities, among other resources. ChatterHigh is a gamified learning platform, so students earn points for each question they answer, and these points can then be used to enter a draw for a prize or donate to charity.


The Daily Quiz focuses on careers and career pathways while Mindful Modules are in-depth courses. As a teacher, you could explore ChatterHigh for a plethora of resources on topics beyond career exploration, such as Health, Wellness, & Safety, Financial Literacy, and much more! What’s more, teachers can easily assign and monitor the progress of all ChatterHigh activities, while also benefiting from self-marking courses and quizzes. Educators also have the ability to challenge other classes in and outside of their school to complete our activities! It’s a fun way to excite and motivate students even further!


Discover the Daily Quiz



The Daily Quiz is an activity where students are given 10 randomized questions each day.  This career exploration tool is invaluable in giving students a wide range of exposure to career paths, whether that be university, college, trades, or other professional pathways.  


As students will encounter hundreds of different careers and opportunities for their future, they will want to have a record of their interests and exploration. When you begin the Daily Quiz, all learners will be prompted to fill out an initial interest survey. This survey gauges programs, areas of study, and careers that interest you, as well as specifics on the institutions students may want to attend in the future. 


As students complete the quiz, they will answer a survey after each career-focused question. This survey indicates the students' interest level in the institution or career which they are exploring. Once students have completed 10 quizzes with a total of 100 questions answered, they will start unlocking interest reports that detail the programs, careers, and universities or colleges of interest. 


Mindful Modules



Mindful Modules take students on a gamified learning journey as they explore subjects that help build upon their current knowledge and support curriculum objectives. Students can further explore universities of interest or dive into specific careers, such as forestry, engineering, or cyber security. 


ChatterHigh’s Mindful Modules cover a wide variety of subjects, including Tax and Insurance Literacy, Mental Health, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. ChatterHigh also provides personalized district modules that can fall within any of our ChatterHigh topic categories, where students can discover regional learning opportunities available to them, directly from their school district.


You can explore all of our available Mindful Modules by topic and region on our resources page here 


Resources Page




ChatterHigh hosts multiple competitions every year that give students the chance to win both personal bursaries and prizes for their school. If you are interested in challenging your students and engaging them in career exploration, then ChatterHigh competitions are for you! If you want to go one step further, you could create a class challenge.  You can explore module competitions such as Financial Literacy Fest or Daily Quiz competitions like Let’s Talk Careers! 


Competitions Page




Now that you have created your account and explored the platform, it is time to start quizzing! Anyone can benefit from the Daily Quiz or Mindful Modules, as new careers continue to emerge and various professional pathways continue to grow. ChatterHigh's Mindful Modules provide students with essential resources that build on their curriculum knowledge and broaden their understanding of various topics and careers. By exploring the Daily Quiz on a daily basis, you are giving students the resources and knowledge to successfully pursue their career goals. The more students explore careers and invest in career planning, the more confident and motivated they will feel towards their future. 


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