Students' Views on the Benefits of ChatterHigh's Mental Health Modules

by Deborah Deacon on 20 Jun, 2022

Mental health is a condition of mental and emotional well-being. It is important that students maintain both their physical and emotional health in order to achieve better academic results and live fulfilling lives. Let us consider the following questions:


Questions to ask for mental health awareness among students




The interactive and gamified Mental Health Modules are designed to encourage students to seek help and connect them to trustworthy resources. Discover how the modules have made an impact below. 

Mental Health Modules


1.2 million children and youth are affected by mental illness in Canada, while approximately 2.2 million youth cope with severe depression in the United States. It is critical that we encourage students to seek care and promote awareness about various mental health issues. Schools and classrooms are excellent places to improve students ’ knowledge, and this may be accomplished through interactive and engaging activities. In order to empower students to seek support and promote awareness, ChatterHigh has created interactive and engaging Mental Health Modules covering a wide range of topics. Initially developed in response to one of our school districts’ need to provide 5 hours of mental health education in the classroom, we realized this essential information would be highly valuable to students and educators across North America.

>>Check out the USA modules here and the Canadian modules here.<<


Mental health awareness



The Mental Health Modules cover a wide range of topics and provide students with the most relevant information. 


Mental Health and Wellness Mental Health Disorders Substance Use

Topics for Middle School (6-8) & High School (9-12)

Healthy Coping Techniques

Support Networks

Stress & Anxiety

Anger Management

Grief & Loss

Exercise, Sleep & Nutrition


Technology Use

Body Image & Self-Esteem

Topics for Middle School (6-8)

Introduction to Mental Health Disorders

Eliminating Stigma

Supporting Loved Ones


Topics for High School (9-12)

Eliminating Stigma

Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorders

Eating Disorders

Accessing Treatment & Resources for Help

Supporting Loved Ones

Topics for Middle School (6-8)

Introduction to Substance Abuse

Overcoming Peer Pressure


Topics for High School (9-12)


Nicotine, Cannabis, and Vaping

Drugs and Overdose Prevention

Accessing Treatment

Supporting Loved Ones



The goal of the Mental Health Modules is to assist students in becoming more aware of mental wellness and mental health disorders. Through increased awareness, the topics would help to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health disorders. As students become more aware of mental health and disorders, the modules help them become more aware of the many resources, tools, and support that are available by linking questions to credible sources. With so much information available, the modules assist students in identifying reliable and well-known resources. ChatterHigh aims to empower and inspire students to seek help. Students would be more comfortable seeking help if they were better aware of relevant mental health resources. Not only will the interactive questions assist students in supporting their mental health, but the questions will also educate them on how to recognize symptoms in others and how to support their loved ones.

Here's what students had to say about the benefits of completing the Mental Health Modules


Build awareness of mental wellness and mental disorders 


The goal of the Mental Health Modules is to raise students' understanding of various topics related to mental wellness and mental disorders. The modules cover anger management, mindfulness, stigma elimination, and supporting loved ones. Students learn through a gamified experience in which each question connects them to a credible resource where they collect information. Students receive points for answering questions correctly and for doing research, and these points can be donated to charity or used to enter draws for a prize. Some reputable resources include Kids Help Phone,, the Jed Foundation, and KidsHealth. The entire process of performing research and finding the correct answer raises students' awareness. Here are some comments from students at New Westminster Secondary School in British Columbia regarding the modules.



Help students recognize symptoms in themselves and others 


ChatterHigh's Mental Health Modules are intended to encourage students to recognize symptoms not only in themselves but also in others. The research and learn approach encourages students to read about symptoms, resulting in a greater understanding of them. Let's have a look at how these modules helped students recognize symptoms.



Eliminate stigma surrounding mental health disorders 


The modules teach students about different stigmas linked with mental health disorders and how to deal with them. ChatterHigh has even collaborated with Stigma-Free Society to offer a Mindful Module that covers issues of stigma and resources for students to address such stigmas. The goal is to assist students in understanding they are not alone and to educate them on common misconceptions regarding mental health problems. Here are some examples of how ChatterHigh has succeeded in meeting this goal.



Build awareness of resources, tools, and support 


Through exploring the answers to the quiz questions, the Mental Health Modules connect students to various resources, tools, and supports. The modules provide students with a fun, guided tour of reputable mental health organizations, as well as all of the services and resources they provide. The following are quotes from students who used the modules to explore useful resources for themselves.



Encourage students to seek help 


Through these modules, ChatterHigh aims to empower students to seek support. Students may experience stigma and be deterred from seeking help because they are embarrassed. We at ChatterHigh think that a mental illness is no different from a physical illness and that one should not be ashamed or scared to seek treatment for it. The engaging modules raise awareness of various stigmas and how students might combat such stigmas. Check out how the Mental Health Modules have successfully encouraged students at New Westminster Secondary School.



Learn how to help loved ones 


We've all been in circumstances when we want to support our loved ones but aren't sure what we can do. The Mental Health Modules not only assist students in improving their own mental health, but they also give them tools that they may utilize to support their loved ones. Here's how ChatterHigh assisted students in supporting their loved ones.





To improve awareness regarding mental health, we need to encourage self-awareness among students. ChatterHigh's Mental Health Modules assist students in identifying and reflecting on their own ideas and behaviors, while also connecting them to resources and tools to help them make a healthy mental shift.


>>Learn more about our free mental health modules here.<<


Interested in offering customized modules tailored to your school or district? ChatterHigh loves collaborating with schools and districts to create customized modules that meet your specific needs and connect students to local resources. Ready to start collaborating? Contact us here

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