November is Career Month

by Catherine on 24 Oct, 2018

There is a lot to celebrate in November including Remembrance Day and Black Friday shopping, to name a few. However, the event ChatterHigh is most excited to be celebrating is Canada Career Month. Yes, you heard that right, Canada Career Month is a whole month dedicated to celebrating the skills of the Canadian workforce.  This inspiring event is an initiative of the Canadian Council for Career Development, a self-funded group that promotes and advocates for the Career Development profession.

Careers are a vital topic of discussion for today’s youth, especially with an abundance of future options. At ChatterHigh our mission is to get every student talking about their future. We strongly believe that students need ample time to explore career opportunities. Our free, 10-minute gamified quiz empowers students to make mindful decisions about post-secondary and career paths and to keep this at the front of their mind every day. Through our resource students explore different web pages to gain awareness of their options and indicate their interests as they go to unlock post-secondary education and career suggestions.

Last November, ChatterHigh was proud to join forces with Canada Career Month as the platinum sponsor to promote and support career development. The theme “What’s Next,” looked at what’s next for me, for the economy, how technology and its impact on the world of work, for the field of career development and for Canada. Our Canada’s Most Informed School Competition was the flagship event of Canada Career Month and connected its theme by exposing students to numerous fields of careers. During the competition, 6,678 students from 391 schools from coast to coast explored 310,930 web pages to discover “What’s Next?”

ChatterHigh continues to champion Canada Career Month and its message this year. We are excited about this year’s theme “I know I can, Because__” The theme looks at the existing and abundant skills of Canadians, challenges us to focus on the experience and skills of the individual. This focus is critical in identifying skills we currently have and in filling the gaps for our future pathway.  In other words, we need to be aware of our individual strengths so we can match our strengths with our future career goals.

We encourage you to look at all of the events going on coast-to-coast to celebrate Canada Career Month. Once again, ChatterHigh will be hosting multiple national events in November for teachers and students to make the most out of Canada Career Month and its celebration of careers.


Canada’s Most Informed Student- Final Round

The 13 qualifying grade 12 students will compete in a 30-day competition. The objective will be to answer as many questions correctly as possible. To recognize the initiative these students are taking toward their future top students will win scholarships, a certificate of achievement, and a reference letter

In addition to CH Scholarships, there are also scholarships from post-secondary institutions that will be offered down the line to the top 10 students if they are attending that post-secondary institution. So far there is a $5,000 Bishop’s scholarship, a $1,000 University of Ottawa scholarship, or a $2,000 Dominican University College scholarship up for grabs.


Canada’s Most Informed School

Canadas most informed school competition

Every high school and middle school in Canada are invited to compete. There are over $15,000 in cash prizes to be distributed to the top schools in 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A categories.


How to compete

1) Create your free ChatterHigh account (anyone from your school community including students, parents and teachers can get involved)

2) Complete your daily quiz during the competition dates (month of November)

We hope you join us in the exciting conversation about Careers this month!

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