Compete to be Crowned Canada’s Most Informed Student 2019

by Catherine on 12 Feb, 2019

Career education is the most important class in high school, but students often don’t spend enough time exploring and broadening their awareness of all the options available to them.

To encourage senior students to continue exploring these options after their career classes, we run an online post-secondary and career exploration competition called Canada’s Most Informed Student. All grade 11 students across Canada are invited to compete!

canadas most informed student

We are very excited to announce the winner of Canada’s Most Informed Student 2018 and our first recipient of a post-secondary institution scholarship, Somin Park! Not only did Somin earn a ChatterHigh scholarship voucher of $1500 to put towards any post-secondary education or training institute but she has also accepted a University of Ottawa Scholarship for $1000. We are thrilled for Somin, who clearly has a very bright future ahead of her.  Somin has kindly shared with us about her experience with ChatterHigh. If you are a teacher or grade 11 student, make sure you read on!


Somin’s Story

Somin Park first began using ChatterHigh as a Grade 10 student at North Peace Secondary. She noted that completing the daily quizzes on ChatterHigh was a way to get bonus points for her Planning 10 course. “As I am an overachiever,” she explained, “I naturally completed the quizzes with diligence, and before long, I was addicted to the site.” What motivated Somin to keep quizzing after earning enough bonus points for Planning 10? The answer is competition. She explained to us that as an exceptionally competitive person, she found satisfaction in seeing her points build up and her rank increase.

The most important question we asked Somin was if using ChatterHigh influenced her career focus and future plans after high school. In other words, was her experience with ChatterHigh useful? Here is what Somin had to say:

somin park quote

We are so glad to hear that ChatterHigh helped Somin discover major and career information, and realize that there are many career path possibilities. At ChatterHigh, we recognize that every student is different and so are their career aspirations. This is why we match students to their interests and passions. After each quiz question, each student will assess their interest in the occupational category that they just learnt about. Immediately, the student’s interests profile will start to shape, exhibiting the majors, programs, institutions, and careers with the most expressed interest. After 300 questions, a recommendation report will unlock and identify their top majors and programs and the institutions that match these programs.

Check out Somin’s profile!

somin park interest report

After graduating high school, Somin plans to enroll in university and pursue an education in either the health sciences or math sciences. In her recommendation report below, you can see that Somin expressed the highest interest in majors and programs related to health and math sciences. The recommendation report serves as great way to get the post-secondary conversation going.

chatterhigh program


Should you use ChatterHigh?

In a recent impact study by the Canadian Career Development Foundation  (CCDF) on the province of New Brunswick, 76% of students and 87% of teachers stated that they would recommend ChatterHigh to others.

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Somin agreed with these students, stating, “With just ten questions a day, you can discover and learn about a wide range of post-secondary institutions and programs. Furthermore, it is a supremely easy way to earn scholarships to put towards post-secondary education.”

We ask you to encourage any grade 11 students you know to compete in Canada’s Most Informed Student qualifiers 2019!


Here’s how the competition works:

Qualifying Round: Apr 8 – May 17, 2019

Grade 11 students will have 40 days to answer at least 300 out of 400 (75%) questions correctly, knowing they can only complete 10 per day.  If a student answers 75% of the quiz questions correctly by the end of the qualifying round, they will advance to the final round.

Final Round: Fall 2019

Qualifying students that advanced into grade 12 will compete in another competition. This time around they may be faced with some quiz questions that are more challenging and will require deeper research and exploration. To recognize the initiative these students are taking towards their future, top students will win scholarships, a certificate of achievement, and a reference letter

In addition to CH Scholarships, there are also scholarships from post-secondary institutions that will be offered down the line to the top 10 students if they are attending that post-secondary institution. So far, there is a $5000 Bishop’s scholarship, a $1000 University of Ottawa scholarship or a $2000 Dominican University College scholarship up for grabs.

To get started with ChatterHigh, create your free account here:

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