Mindshare Learning Report 2017 Top 10 Newsmakers of the Year in EdTech

by Catherine on 21 Dec, 2017


Dear Thought Leader,

As we prepare to celebrate the holiday season, I’m honoured to share our Canadian Top 10 Newsmakers of the year in EdTech for 2017. These organizations and individuals demonstrated extraordinary vision for the future, courageous leadership, an innovative spirit and a passion for supporting student success. I hope you enjoy this year’s Top 10!

Thank you to all to put forth inspired nominations to help us in the selection process. We welcome your comments!

On behalf of our team, here’s wishing you and your families the very best for the holiday season!

Until next time, keep the digital learning curve!

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech

President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Curator, The MindShare Learning Report™
Co-founder & President C21 Canada™

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1. Council of Ministers of Education Canada

cmec 50 years

The Executive Director of CMEC Chantal Beaulieu for her leadership and innovative collaboration with C21 Canada and the CEO Academy that inspired the C21 Summit 150. This breakthrough innovative partnership permitted the CEO Academy members to present on learning and technology trends in K12 across Canada at the CMEC 50th anniversary gathering in Charlottetown, PEI of the Council of Ministers of Education annual conference on Learning and Technology trends in K12 across Canada.

Visit the CMEC website to learn more about what they do


2. George Couros

george couros
Innovator’s MindSet book

Best selling author, George Couros for relentless passion in nurturing future innovation and leadership and keeping the Innovator’s MindSet book curve steep in Canada and beyond through his workshops, keynotes and massive presence on social media.

Visit George’s Blog to stay connected with him


3. Jennifer Casa-Todd

Jennifer casa-todd
Social LEADia Jennifer casa-todd

The amazing Jennifer Casa-Todd, Teacher-Librarian York Catholic District School Board for her Best-Selling Book Social LEADia to bridge the gap in helping teachers, parents and students understand the shift happening and her rise to prominence on the conference and social media scene.


4. West Vancouver School District, Caulfield Elementary, and Natural Pod Partnership

West Vancouver School District and Caulfield Elementary









West Vancouver School District and Caulfield Elementarys Innovative partnership with Natural Pod in creating innovative and sustainable classroom furniture solutions for schools that nurture inquiry and personalized learning.

Visit the Caulfield Elementary School website to learn more about them


5. 2017 Classroom of the Future Winners

Canada’s Digital Learning Video Challenge Winners for their inspiring work that earned them top honours! The West Winner was awarded to Nicole Francoeur of Kenaston School in SD Saskatchewan. The Central Winner was awarded to Brandon Tait of Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute in the Toronto District School Board. The Eastern Winner was awarded to Janet Wilson of Harbour View High School, Anglophone South School District, NB. Be inspired! Check out their awesome videos. We encourage you to
enter this year!

Nicole Francoeur of Kenaston School in SD Saskatchewan
Central Winner was awarded to Brandon Tait of Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute in the Toronto District School Board.
Janet Wilson of Harbour View High School, Anglophone South School District
mindshare learning technology


6. Dr. Tony Bates

Teaching in a Digital Age dr. tony bates
dr. tony bates














Dr. Tony Bates, Professor Emeritus UBC who has demonstrated his unparalleled passion for the dissemination of best practices in online learning with his most recent book “Teaching in a Digital Age” that has gone massively viral around the world as a downloadable book.

Check out his website to learn more about this incredible newsmaker!


7.VoicEd Radio

Stephen Hurley, Former Dufferin Peel District Educator turned Radio Broadcaster, and his collaborators are being honoured as one of our Newsmakers of the year with the launch of VoicEd Radio. He is harnessing his passion in galvanizing the education community through story-telling and professional learning.

Visit the website to learn more



8. Canadian EdTech Summit Award Winners

Dr. Steve Joordens

Dr. Steve Joordens
Post Secondary Professor of the Year

– Professor of Psychology

– University of Toronto

Lee Taal
Lee Taal
EdTech Partner of the Year- CEO
– Chatter High Communictions Inc.
Mike Hengeveld

Mike Hengeveld
K12 Educator of the Year

– STEM Program Coordinator
– Vancouver School Board

Dr. Vinay Singh

Dr. Vinay Singh
Dragon’s Den Startup Challenge Winner

Co-founder & CEO of Orange Neurosciences.


9. Thames Valley District School Board (School within a School Program)

Thames Valley District School Board









TVDSB for their Innovative Sustainability Partnership with the City of St. Thomas and the STEAM Centre to create a school within a school program through the restoration of a local school built-in 1898. This project is a model for success that we see as being replicable in other communities in the future.

Thames Valley District School Board





Visit their website to learn more about the program


10. TVO – mPower

Emmy Award-Winning TVO for their launch of mPower – Best Original Interactive Content TVO mPower, new creative online games that help build foundational K-6 math skills for students in the classroom and the continued explosive growth of Teach Ontario platform connecting teachers across Ontario.

TVO – mPower


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