Canadian Career Development Foundation Impact Study of ChatterHigh

by Catherine on 24 Jul, 2018

The New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) has invested in ChatterHigh as a vehicle to strengthen key career development and educational outcomes for students. ChatterHigh uses technology to engage students in expanding their awareness of post-secondary and career options, exploring possible pathways and making more informed choices as they plan for their transitions from school to post-secondary and/or work. Capitalizing on gamification and supporting fundraising goals of schools, ChatterHigh endeavours to minimize the burden on educators and maximize the motivation of students to make full use of ChatterHigh’s educational and labour market information.


ChatterHigh has included in its reporting to PETL data on usage and reach – the number of students accessing information via ChatterHigh and the range of information they are exploring. PETL engaged CCDF to go beyond this to gather impact data, measuring the extent to which ChatterHigh is reported by students and educators to be contributing to positive outcomes related to student awareness of post-secondary and work options in New Brunswick and beyond, exposure to relevant information on health, wellness and money management and active engagement in career planning.

Secondary students and educators were surveyed regarding the perceived impact of ChatterHigh on a range of indicators related to student awareness of and exposure to relevant information on post-secondary education, labour market opportunities, health/wellness and financial literacy and student engagement in school and career planning. The survey included open-text questions gathering direct feedback on ChatterHigh and solicited data on a variety of career development outcomes to allow for comparisons between ChatterHigh users and non-users.



Canadian Career Development Foundation Impact Study of ChatterHigh

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Evaluation of the Impact of ChatterHigh


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