ChatterHigh Communications Inc. Launches ‘Home Version’ of Their College and Career Exploration Resource,

by Catherine on 28 May, 2020

Wilmington, DE, May 28, 2020 

ChatterHigh is announcing the launch of the ‘home version’ of its school-based college and career exploration activity, optimized for use by families and independent college counsellors. The new platform,, provides unlimited access to its informative quizzes. The goal is to engage teens in exploring their futures, from home. 

“Even pre-COVID-19, teens generally lacked awareness of what careers exist or even the names of colleges and universities outside their immediate area. In the current environment, lack of access to their guidance office or college presenters will only exacerbate the problem. This activity is designed to fill that ‘information gap’ and build student confidence. Our goal is to help families have more meaningful  conversations about life after high school.” 

 Lee Taal, Founder and CEO, ChatterHigh


With a shift in education to home learning, ChatterHigh recognizes that parents are likely facing increased pressure to help their teens explore their post-secondary and career options. The research-proven exploration activity “” has become a staple in career education courses across North America, with teachers using it throughout the semester to broaden students’ awareness of college and career possibilities, and to identify their passions. As the ‘home version’, is a self-paced activity that will unlock guiding reports in only a few hours on any device. 

“Navigating conversations with teenagers about their future plans is never easy. is a bridge-builder between parent and teen. It creates great conversations about values, hopes, and possibilities.” 

Kyla Ward, Parent


As a leading online resource for college and career exploration, ChatterHigh is dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of parents, teachers, and students, and will continue its work to help young people explore their futures and find their paths. 


About ChatterHigh

ChatterHigh is an award-winning, research-proven digital learning platform that is designed to engage and assess users with gamified online learning. Since its founding in 2012, ChatterHigh has expanded across North America to provide career exploration in classrooms and in 2017, was named EdTech of the Year in Canada. In 2019, ChatterHigh’s unique ‘seek and find’ quiz mechanism was adapted to provide a broader range of curricular engagement, in topics like mental health awareness, financial literacy, workplace safety and training, and more. ChatterHigh has become a platform used beyond K-12, bringing online exploration to even more people. 

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