Arlington ISD and Dallas ISD - Most Informed School Districts

by Carl Repp on 09 Nov, 2017

College dropout and persistence is a huge issue for our K-12 schools, for colleges, and for the American economy.
Over 30% of first-year college students drop out, and over 2/3 who begin a 4-year college program never finish. 30% never even begin. That’s why, at ChatterHigh, we decided to help schools and school districts create America’s Most Informed Students, for free.

"We empower students to make mindful decisions, by engaging, informing, and guiding. We change their college decision-making behaviour through a gamified resource designed for grades 6 to 12."

"Students expand their knowledge of colleges and careers while refining their areas of passion and interest. When it’s time for a decision, they have all the information and knowledge they need to make a perfect college choice, resulting in decreased drop-out rates and increased persistence."

From September 18 to October 27th schools participated in AMERICA’S MOST INFORMED SCHOOL 2017 College Explorations Championships. The national leaders emerged. We would like to congratulate all our winning classes, schools, and school districts.

"It is our goal to ensure every student in America is enrolled in a college program aligned with their passion and interest. This will decrease college drop-out and increase college persistence."

In pursuit of this goal, we want to add technology to classrooms. Over 90% of seniors use the internet to search for college information so we are giving away Chromebooks to classrooms. Between November 6th and January 19th, participants in ChatterHigh’sCollege Bowl ~ Chromebook Challenge can earn up to 6 free Chromebooks for their school.

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