Announcing 3rd Annual Canada’s Most Informed Student Competition

by Catherine on 06 Apr, 2018

We are excited to announce Canada’s Most Informed Student Competition is almost here. From April 9 – May 18 2018 students have 40 days to explore career, post-secondary, health and financial literacy information through the ChatterHigh quiz.

Qualifying Round: Apr 9 – May 18, 2018

Grade 11 students will have 40 days to answer at least 300 out of 400 questions correctly, knowing they can only complete 10 per day.  If a student answers 75% of the quiz questions correctly by the end of the qualifying round, they will advance to the final round.


Final Round: Fall 2018

Qualifying students that advanced into grade 12 will compete in another 40 day competition. This time around they will be faced with some quiz questions that are more challenging and will require deeper research and exploration. To recognize the initiative these students are taking towards their future top students will win scholarships, a certificate achievement and a reference letter

In addition to CH Scholarships, there are also scholarships from post-secondary institutions that will be offered down the line to the top 10 students if they are attending that post-secondary institution. So far there is a $5000 Bishop’s scholarship, $1000 University of Ottawa scholarship or $2000 Dominican University College scholarship up for grabs.

There are many students who are not sure of what they would like to do after they graduate. Many of these students are lost in terms of how to look and what they are looking for.

Most of Canada’s career education is completed in grades 9 and 10. Canada’s Most Informed Student competition is all about encouraging career exploration to stay top-of-mind during students’ senior years of high school when many important decisions will be made.


Don’t just take our word for it!

Keely -Shay Maki, Canada’s Most Informed Student 2017, from Lanigan Central High School, Saskatchewan, has graciously shared with us her experience with ChatterHigh in her senior years of high school. Keely-Shay discovered ChatterHigh through a career counsellor at her school. She was intrigued by ChatterHigh and said that the competition aspect motivated her to quiz daily.

Keely-Shay was undecided in terms of her future and career when entering her grade 11 year. Keely-Shay mentioned that prior to using ChatterHigh she had interests in fields such as Pharmacy and Law, but her decision was up in the air. One of the most interesting things she said that she learned about was the various study abroad programs that different institutions offer. After spending time quizzing and searching for her own pathway, Keely-Shay found a subject that sparked her interest.

“ChatterHigh allowed me to recognize that I indeed wanted to go into engineering.”



The scholarship money that Keely-Shay won will be helping her to pay for and attend the University of Waterloo for biomedical engineering.

We asked Keely-Shay if she thought that ChatterHigh would be a good use of time for a high school student and if she believed it made a positive impact.

“I would recommend ChatterHigh to my friends because ChatterHigh enables people to discover career opportunities that are not made available in schools today”

Keely Shay


We were excited to hear about Keely Shay’s positive experience quizzing with ChatterHigh. Please let us know how your experience has been going searching for your pathway!!

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